Gumbo Time

October 28, 2008

This past weekend marked the start of Gumbo season (at least in our family!). The nights were chilly and we ate gumbo three nights in a row. Three different gumbos. Friday night was my mom's chicken gumbo followed by a bonfire. Saturday night was John's duck gumbo followed by sitting around the fire pit telling Halloween stories/memories and some singing. And Sunday night was my Uncle Dan's okra and sausage gumbo. I think gumbo is the Cajun equivalent to Matzo ball soup. The smells bring up so many memories and feelings, everyone swears their mama's version is the best, and it is both a comfort food and a social food. After three nights of gumbo our bellies and hearts were very full!
Heather said...

I was just reading Barbara Kingsolver's comments on food cultures in her book Animal Vegetable Miracle, and this sounds like a wonderful example of how food is so much more than calories. I'm glad you're enjoying time with your family.

South of Rome said...

Sounds delicious!

craftymama said...

is it possible to share your chicken gumbo recipe? just this a.m. i was thinking about making some next week. I love it! my husband and I drove down to LA for New Year's 1992 (young and crazy, slept in my Honda Civic in New Orleans for a week!) and had some great Cajun food. My dad's partner is from Alabama and he makes a mean gumbo too.

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