Felted Acorns

October 21, 2008

One of the things I love about motherhood is that I get the chance to re-experience the world through my children. The natural miracles that seem so common until seen through the eyes of a child. The tiny objects along paths that are rescued and collected by small fingers. The questions that make the ordinary suddenly seem extraordinary. Acorns are one of these things for me. Last year around this time Noah discovered a buried stash of very large acorns at the base of a tree. He searched around the park for the tree that might have produced such large acorns but we never found it. We wondered if some little creature had tucked them away for winter. Until Noah's discovery, I hadn't given much thought to acorns. Never really noticed that there were differences in shapes and sizes...but since that day acorns (like rocks and shells) have become something we seem to collect.

Our stash has been multiplying lately so we have started to use them in different projects. I recently saw some beautiful felted acorns made by Lil Fish Studios and thought they would be fun to make. We wet felted little balls and then attached the tops with glue. Here's a guide for wet felting balls. It can get a little tedious. I found it best to work outside....less mess with the bowls of water and the kids would take lots of breaks to run around in the yard. I actually enjoyed the process of sitting there and rolling the little balls of felt while watching them play. And now we have some colorful autumn keepsakes.

bergblog said...

Where do you get the wool?

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Phyllis, I get wool roving from Hobby Lobby but you can also get it on-line or at fabric/knitting shops. Usually different colors to choose from and can be used for lots of little projects. Let me know if you have any other questions. I just developed a love for felting this year so still pretty to new to it, but lots of fun.

holly said...

oooh, I really want to try this! so pretty.

Ben, Ericka, Julian, Molly and Chloe said...

Oh........I love these! And I remember that day when Noah found the big acorns *smile* I'll have to try this in some of my spare time, haha. I've also seen them sewn from velvet ribbon.

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