Wipe my bottom and give me candy!

October 23, 2006

This is what I listen to all day. My sweet monkey boy has turned into a bossy, whiny, sugar addicted fiend. Tell me why Halloween is a good holiday?! I guess we are experiencing for the first time what Halloween is really like from the parental perspective. In the past Noah has been too young or too naive to really get the candy thing (ie we swiped the goods and ate them ourselves!) but this year he fully understands the concept. This past weekend we went to several Halloween events where he took full ownership of his loot. He asks for candy all day long. Yesterday we discovered that he climbed up the top shelf of our pantry (floor to ceiling shelving) to feed his sugar craving. So now I need to find a better hiding spot or maybe I should just let him gorge himself on sugar until he is sick of it, but do you really ever get rid of a sugar addiction once it starts? Reminds me of my youngest sister's clever attempt to feed her sugar cravings. When she was about five, she took her Halloween candy and hid it in the dirt of the pot plants on our patio. My mom didn't discover her little secret until a few days later. Makes me wonder what our monkey boy might be cooking up in his little brain to get his next sugar fix. Our other little monkey delights in dumpster diving (eating out of any trash can she can get her hands on) and scavenging for crumbs under the kitchen table. I am starting to wonder if they will ever eat like normal humans....somedays I really feel like I am raising black lab puppies! And regarding the "wipe my bottom"...I am really looking forward to being at a point in my life when I don't need to wipe anyone elses bottom. Well enough of my whining...enjoy this week leading up to Halloween, eat as much candy as you can, and watch out for bats and goblins!
Ann said...

No the sugar craving doesn't ever go away. Whatca doing on Sunday?

kategun said...

I can definitely relate (both to perpetual bottom-wiping duty and the evils of candy). I've been enjoying your blog the last couple months and look forward to catching up when you visit New Orleans. What's your email address?


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