Pumpkin Fun

October 27, 2006

Some photos from our recent Halloween visit to the Jacksonville Zoo...we didn't see many animals at night but we saw lots of fun pumpkins!
And more pumpkin fun at home!
Ann said...

I so love the close up of Camille looking at the pumpkin and the one with Noah supervising Camille and the pumpkins. They are great. And you'll love the zoo during the day too. It used to be horrible, but now it's actually a really nice zoo(I love animals)

I just missed you and talked with Adam for a bit. He's so nice. You always wonder if it'll be awkward when you first meet or talk with an internet friend. It's almost like a first date. I was nervous. But it wasn't awkward at all. Tell Adam he was a good first date!!! Can't wait to actually meet you guys!!

Morena, Andy, Dominic & Christian said...

Love the pictures! So great to "see" you all again!

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