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October 19, 2006

Here are some long overdue photos from family visits in the past couple of months. This one was taken in August when Camille met Gramps (Adam's grandfather) for the first time.

Noah and his cousin, Brooke playing t-ball Camille and her cousin Sarah

Noah and Camille hanging out with their Nana, their Uncle Rob and their cousins Sarah, Lauren, and Brooke

Noah and his Grandpa painting during our trip to Louisiana in September

Camille and her cousin Clementine

Standing in front of my great-grandmother's house in Abbeville...Lili, Michael, Clementine, Dad, Adam, Noah, Camille and Lucia

Noah with his cousins Connor and Liam
Amy Pulaski said...


I love the pictures- Camille and Noah are getting so big! Glad you're back stateside and were able to have great visits with both of your families.

Sorry to hear about your kitchen. We gutted/remodeled ours last fun. I hope that the cabinets are there and installed soon!

Amy P.

Ann said...

I love all the family pictures. Everyone looks so happy.

kiwintaiwan said...

Love the photos , must be so good to be around family again. The kids look great!!!!
Rhonda , Steve Josh and Jesse

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