October 27, 2006

Finally some progress in our kitchen! The cabinets arrived two days ago and are starting to be installed. They are not the exact cabinets we thought we would be getting, but you know what they are cabinets and they will work just fine! The bad news is that we must have really done something to anger the gods because yesterday Noah and I came down with a horrible stomach bug. So in between supervising the cabinet installation I was running back and forth to the bathroom, washing multiple loads of laundry and spraying Lyesol everywhere. I thought we were all done with it until 3am last night when Noah woke up with more "stomach issues". Luckily Adam was able to get up with him, but I woke up this morning to Adam saying "there's diareaha on the carpet in the living room". So here we are on day two of cabinet installation and sickness.
Ann said...

Aww poor Noah(and Mommy too) Hope Camille doesn't catch it too. The cabinets are cute and and they're so much better then the look you had going before ;0)

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