Ups, Downs, and Puddles

October 19, 2006

Since moving I feel like I go through a million emotions a day. Yesterday is a perfect example. I woke up feeling energetic and read to tackle my neverending list of tasks. On the way to Noah's school we were nearly sideswiped by a maniac driver (have I mentioned how much I hate driving here!). I honked and swerved and I as I watched the driver speed away I read the bumper sticker on her car which said "Blow Me".....lovely. After dropping Noah off I attempted to find a fabric store (need to get those Halloween costumes going). After several wrong turns, I finally found it. I picked out fabric and got in a long line to have it measured and cut. When I finally got to my "turn" I discovered there was a number system and I had to get out of the "line" to pick a number and start all over again. Camille was starting to lose it and I was about to snap but being the compliant person I am, I did it. After leaving the store I decided to venture into a children's boutique nearby. The clerk ignored us as we entered and browsed. There were lots of cute and way overpriced items....$90 for a knit one piece...who can justify spending that much on a knit outfit that will get covered with baby drool and outgrown in two months!!! If you have that much extra money to spend, donate it.....I think $90 would probably feed an entire village in Africa for a half a year, right? I overheard the clerk speaking with a very pregnant woman about the difficulties of finding the perfect chandelier for her newborn's nursery and knew I was in the wrong place. I am tired of snobby sales clerks, superficial conversations, and running endless errands.

My day did get better after I picked up Noah from school. We turned a rainy afternoon into a splashing adventure. The lack of drainage in our backyard is a good thing in Noah's eyes and he immediatedly ripped off his clothes to jump in the puddles. Camille and I had fun cheering him on and then they both had a great time playing in the bathtub. I let the laundry piles go, ignored the unpacked boxes, and enjoyed seeing my two children laugh and play together.

Ann said...

Those are great scrapping photos. He's so going to kill you one day for posting those :0). I keep thinking that they're the great first date ever photos you'll use to embarass him!! But they are priceless aren't they!!

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