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April 15, 2013

In addition to house construction, this past weekend was also about working in the yard. Lots of weeding, garden bed prep, and mulching. It really does feel so good to end the day with dirty fingernails!

Here's how I prep our beds.

Similar to our lasagna style garden in Sicily (but with fewer layers), I take our huge stack of accumulated newspapers and use them to blanket the beds before adding top soil, compost, and mulch on top. It creates a biodegradable weed barrier that really does help to keep the weeds at bay, while also composting down to make richer beds. And here's a thought that makes me smile: worms ingesting the New York Times and Washington Post. Not only will our worms be well fed, they will also be well-read.
Unknown said...

such a great idea! I so love well educated worms. xo

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