Operation Lilac

April 27, 2013

Last week we realized that we had a lovely old lilac tree in our side yard. This is one of the fun parts about moving every few years: the thrill of garden discoveries. I love carefully watching the new-to-us garden unfold with each season....bulbs planted by previous families pop up in unexpected spots, perennials spring back to life, and previously bare trees burst into colorful bloom. 

Since we've never lived any where with a lilac tree before, it was an especially delightful and fragrant surprise. Sadly, that surprise turned into distress when half of the tree toppled over during a recent stormy night. Camille and I quickly moved into action. Snipping blooms, gathering jars, and making arrangements to share with neighbors. It turns out that salvaging a lilac tree can actually be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. We just hope the rest of the tree will continue to be strong and healthy for many more springs to come. 

P.S. Don't you wish computer screens had a scratch-and-sniff component like those stickers I obsessively collected in fourth grade?
Rebecca Alexis said...

mmmmmm.....so wish there was a scratch n' sniff on the screen. These shots of the lilacs are perfect. I love lilacs. delicious goodness of spring. xo

likeschocolate said...

I can smell them from here! I am jealous! I wonder if they grow here in Georgia. I don't think I have ever seen them in the nursery. When I was in collage, I lived in Portland, Oregon and every May the air was filled with the smell of lilacs. It makes me think of my grandmother. She always had lilac smelling soap in her bathroom.

Joe Rogers said...

My lilac is just starting to bud - Colorado has stayed cold this year till the last couple weeks. Unfortunately I also have new lilac shoots sprouting up all around it that I'm having to trim back in the interest of having space for things that aren't the lilac bush.

Dawn Suzette said...

So very true about moving often... those garden discoveries are so fun.
I was just out taking pictures of our neighbors lilac yesterday. I do miss ours back in Nova Scotia and was so happy to see a hedge of it growing next door!
Our neighbor in NS had a large branch of her lilac come down and she had a local gentlemen carve spoons out of the wood for gifts. So pretty!
Love that the you turned the sadness of loosing the branch into happiness to share as well.

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