Jelly Garden

April 3, 2013

Another benefit of low tide: a surprising display of pretty jellies. They remind me of flowers, flowers that might be found in a watery version of Oz. I think they are actually Lion's Mane jelly fish. This great book about Chesapeake wildlife reports that the most common jellies in the winter and early spring months are the Lion's Mane. Can anyone out there confirm that identification? 

Speaking of flowery and seasonal things, the cherry blossoms are in bloom. A bit delayed due to the lingering winter temps, but still here. I am hoping to make it down to the Tidal Basin to see them in their full glory. It's something I have always wanted to experience, especially after loving sakura season in Japan.
Lost in Sicily said...

Yes, they really do look like flowers! beautiful pics Lucia!

Karla said...

Interesting! Very different from jellyfish I've seen in Hawaii & Florida. Yes, GO to the Tidal Basin. It is lovely! :)

Tracy said...

How cool, making flowers/pictures out of jellyfish is not something I've ever thought to do. They look amazing. Sounds like a great way to combine science, art, fun and getting your hands dirty.

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