Wednesday Morning Walk

January 9, 2013

Georgetown View from Theodore Roosevelt Island

The dreary January morning was strangely soothing. All of those greys, browns, and muddy textures wrapping themselves around us and providing a neutral canvas for de-compressing. And then the most delightful spottings happened over and over again: bright, red cardinals full of cheerful chirpiness. Their solo pops of color so striking and bold against the muted winter background. 

This morning my friend, Angi, and I met for a walk around Theodore Roosevelt Island. It was the perfect tonic for my anxious soul. 

Thank you also for all of the kind comments, phone calls, and messages. Friends (and cardinals) really do make things better. 
The Jiu Jiu said...

I wish you & your family all the cardinals you need. :-)

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