January 17, 2013

 I finally got my feet back on the yoga mat. I have been avoiding it for the past month. My yoga teacher and I decided that I should cut back on classes until the medical issues were more resolved. She gave me a nice set of restorative poses to do at home, but I never did them. I convinced myself that the pain was too much and the space at home was too cramped. However, the reality is that I was/am pissed. Angry and distrustful of my body, I find myself vacillating between hyper-awareness and disconnection. And underneath those angry waves, there are the knotty tentacles of fear that wrap themselves around the fibers of my being. 

So earlier this week, I created a yoga space, lit a new candle, and started to de-tangle my mind and my body. It's a slow, quiet, solitary process.

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