Strawberry Shortcake

June 9, 2012

This time of year always feels a bit crazy and over-packed with activities....the flurry of end of school events, the end of baseball season, the birthday parties, and the potlucks. And it all feels a bit more intensified with our upcoming move as we work the calendar to maximize our time with friends, but I have to admit it has had me feeling a bit more stressed and irritable this past week. I don't like being pulled in so many directions at once. My introverted self finds it hard to re-charge when I am faced with one large group gathering after another. I also don't like being faced with the reality that the good-byes are starting and that we are entering that count-down stage of our move. 

Just like all of the recent social events, the strawberries at the local markets have been plentiful and over-ripe. It's hard to resist their sweet, seductive scent which saturate the local markets right now, beckoning us to desire more, buy more, eat more. Last weekend we turned a crate into strawberry ice and this weekend's crate was transformed into strawberry shortcake. It really does feel like the perfect summer dessert whether it is eaten to celebrate a memorable event (like my sister's fabulous strawberry shortcake wedding cake) or just to celebrate a quiet dinner at home. 

And that's exactly what tonight felt like: a celebration of our own. A quiet little family dinner at home. Just the four of us around the table. Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, and fresh guacamole with tortilla chips. A simple, summer meal followed by strawberry shortcake.
likeschocolate said...

How are you able to whip up such wonderful creations when all your stuff is packed.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Luckily, strawberry shortcake doesn't really require much in terms of "kitchen equipment". We are also lucky to be able to borrow a few key items for our remaining time here...but it certainly makes me realize how easy it is to function with just the bare essentials. So many of the kitchen gadgets that usually fill up our cupboards aren't necessities.

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