A Father's Day Poem

June 17, 2012

by Noah

Dad is funny when he tells his jokes.
Dad inspires me to do my best when I feel like giving up.
Dad is helpful when he helps me with my homework.
Dad is hard working when he is at work during a night shift supporting my family.
Dad is happy when I pass my vocabulary test.
Dad is fun when he plays in the pool with me.
But most of all, Dad  is the most, epic*, beast*, monster *dad that could not ever be replaced.

*the highest compliment one can receive from a third grader.
joyce matula welch said...

Very sweet. Noah is so fortunate to have a dad that is the most :)

Unknown said...

I love poetry. And since father's day is coming, I thought that I should gather and browse for some fathers day poems that can serve as my inspiration. They're good for cards too. Thanks for sharing some ideas. Happy Father's Day!

its me said...

father's day poem

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