Family Travel : Always Pack a Sibling

June 18, 2012

Lucca, Italy, May 2012

Yes, we like to travel for all of the typical reasons: exposure to new cultures, the food, the locals, the history, the views. But here's another reason we like to travel: it's good for our kids. I don't just mean it's beneficial for them educationally or culturally (which of course it is), but I mean it is good for them as siblings. These concentrated chunks of time when it is just the two of them together leads to lots of giggling, playing, and sometimes even joint commiseration as they endure yet another visit to a historical site. As both of them get older and spend more time with separate sets of friends, I can see the value of family trips growing even stronger.

We are packing up our favorite set of siblings and heading out on another family adventure: The Aeolian Islands. See you when we return. 
likeschocolate said...

They are getting so big! Have fun!

Juniper said...

How true! Fantastic photo. Enjoy your holiday! By the way thank you for the book suggestions! Another one that I recently read that you may like is Half Broke Horses- Jeanette Wallis, a fantastic book!

Shelly said...

Love this post! It is so true! So nice to see them connect while out on adventures and show what good friends they can be together! Hope all is well as you plan your next move!
Shelly, Fred, Ella and willow.

Sonja said...

I've noticed this about my kids too. Lots of bonding when we're on a trip, far away, and they don't have to worry about acting cool in front of their friends.

Johanna said...

I totally agree! My siblings and I definitely became closer after going on wild family trips. :)

Danielle M. said...

Miss seeing you guys when I pass your house. Used your mushroom soy sauce the other day and it made me smile, swinging on our inherited swing makes me smile, passing Ape's on the road and thinking of how much you wanted to pack one in your crate makes me smile. Cleaning SlowPoke's bowl does NOT make me smile. Hope you are settling in. You are missed.

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