Family Travel : Always Pack a Sketchbook

May 16, 2012

Drawing the Powder Tower in Prague, September 2011

A simple item but such a very good one for travelers of all ages. Perfect for drawing famous monuments, sketching favorite pieces of art, family drawing sessions while waiting for trains, games of tic tac toe and hangman while waiting for dinner, and documenting highlights of a trip. Sketchbooks are always handy and they are usually easy to find, especially in museum gift shops and local bookstores. How do you use your sketchbooks?

Here are a few of our favorite family drawing games:

- Add to the scribble: 
One person starts with a scribble and passes the sketchbook to the next person to add onto the scribble until a complete drawing emerges.

- Pick a theme: 
Take turns picking a theme that everyone draws at the same time (monsters, robots, silly vehicles, etc).

- Dot to Dot:
 Make your own dot-to-dot drawings and mazes for each other.

- Funny Faces:
Start with ovals and create a colorful cast of characters by adding unique features to each face.
Jackie said...

Love these ideas! We are going on a little road trip to Seattle today ... I predict a LOOOONG wait at the border crossing ... these sketchbook ideas are going to come in handy!
: )

Shelly Rivoli said...

Love this - so basic AND fun. And what better subject to sketch than the Powder Tower! ;-)

Phil said...

love your idea.. i will try this too with my family ;)
can you post some of your sketches?

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Carrie said...

We like before and after sketches too. When we we might see on our trip while traveling there we'll do a sketch of what we think it will look like like and then at some point on the way home we like to draw the same work of art, monument, etc..., the way we remember it after actually visiting the site. It's super fun to see the differences.

Travel Advise said...

I thank you for taking your time sharing your thoughts and ideas to a lot of readers out there.

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