Empty Walls

May 9, 2012

8 Italian movers, 2 trucks, 8 and half crates, 2 damaged pieces of art, 5 bottles of soda, 3 large bags of chips, 10 sandwiches, and 1 yelling incident. The walls are empty, the loaner furniture is in place, and the floors have been mopped: our pack-out is finally complete. 

Now we are just hoping the turtle food that was accidentally packed won't be smelling too foul after a two month journey around the world.
Corinne said...

You made it. May all the legs of your journey pass by smoothly :)

Emily said...

I love that you kept a splash of color in the house. But a yelling incident? What happened?

Karla said...

Glad this phase of your move is complete. Sorry about the art work. A retired service member who was a neighbor of ours once said, "Three Navy moves equals a fire." Hope the rest of your move goes well once you get to Maryland. You'll be there in time for the National Book Festival in the Fall. :)

katy said...

Travel safely!! Looking forward to your next destination.

Dana said...

And away we gooooo!
I'm watching a few kids I've grown close to do the same thing right about now...it's never easy to say goodbye. BUT...I know bright things await them in their next stops (one in PARIS!), just like you guys.

Have a great summer.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Thanks everyone!

Karla, I've never heard that saying about 3 navy moves equals a fire...but after moving 6 times in the past 12 years, I can see how it could be said :) You guys must be at a similar stage. Wishing you a smooth move, too.

Emily, the yelling incident was related to the damage art work. I raised my voice a bit, but the real yelling happened when a supervisor was brought in to oversee the remainder of the process...it was quite a dramatic Italian scene between the supervisor and the movers. Not a pleasant moment for any of us. Just glad all of that chaos is behind us now.

Corinne, can't wait to see you this summer!

Katy,we are headed to the DC area...but not for another couple of months. We are camping out in the house to give our belongings time to travel the world via cargo ship.

Dana, yes, it seems like we are surrounded by moving trucks these days and the good-byes are going to be starting to happen soon for quite a few of our friends here, too. It's all part of this strange nomadic, military lifestyle of ours. Does it ever feel strange to stay put in one spot?

Emily M. said...

oh boy! i know i've seemed a bit absent from blog-land lately, but i have been lurking. and thinking about you!!!! moving is so tough, and i remember so vividly many of the things you've described in recent posts. hang in there!!!!

The Jiu Jiu said...

Wow, it's been a while since I had a chance to read your blog -- glad to see you survived (mostly) the pack-out... We had American movers put everything in the front yard just before a major thunderstorm hit (and WE had to go running out to cover everything in plastic while they sat in our garage eating fried chicken), then a Belge crew whose only worry was, "no frigo, no frigo..." On the return trip, it was a different Belge crew who did wonders and an American mover who left visible damage on over 1/2 the furniture... so I know whereof thou speakest. <:-\ I hope the turtle food travels well... When we last left Europe, my Master's-thesis-in-work was accidentally packed, lemme tell ya it weren't no fun...

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