May 4, 2012

Cefalu Cathedral, March 2012

Buried in piles of stuff, I am craving the next stage of this international move. The stage that will happen after the moving trucks depart next week. The stage of moving when we live in an empty, clutter-free house with loaner furniture and borrowed dishes. The stage when we exhale a bit because a big item (packing out) has been checked off the lengthy list. The stage that will push us to be more creative in our play, in our cooking, in our living...making the most with a very little amount. The stage that always prompts me to think, "we should live like this on a more regular basis", but in the back of my mind I know that will never happen.

That will never happen because I am a pack rat. And that's why this current stage of disassembling our house is so exhausting and yet so very necessary. It's always shocking to me to see what we accumulate in just three years in one spot. Thank goodness we move so often. Lugging out bags of garbage and thrift store donations, leaves me feeling a bit sick (how could so much junk really be in that closet?!) and also exhilarated (it's very a clear sign of progress when one closet is finally emptied out).

The movers come on Tuesday. We still have lots of sorting, sifting, and donating to do. It will certainly be a weekend full of dismantling. Hope your weekend is a bit more pleasant.
joyce matula welch said...

Sending you warm thoughts as you dismantle, and also wishes for many happy adventures in the days and nights to come.

likeschocolate said...

Hope it all goes smoothly. We are living very minimally right now and I am kind of enjoying it. It takes me max 20 minutes from start to finish to clean our apartment. Our home in Atlanta I use a house keeper because I would never have time to play with my children. Just picking up in our home takes a good hour or more. Enjoy your last days in Italy. Thanks again for all the recommendations. We changed our plans a little and decided to fly from Milan. The rental car we got for her in Germany turned out to be a transporter. My husband was to scared we would bang it up on those narrow streets. I guess we will be taking a bus or rental car to our destinations once we get there.

The Jiu Jiu said...

Every time we changed posts, I would have a couple of days "living loaner" when I'd think that it was pretty cool to not be burdened with all kinds of stuff that cluttered the place up... But as soon as we'd unpack, each souvenir would practically SCREAM its value to me as I unboxed it, and I'd be genuinely happy to have it back again like a long-lost friend...

Good luck with the rest of the packing (remember, there's a reason "pack" is a four-letter word) and here's to a safe, happy trip Stateside!

Mom said...

I have been thinking of you all week. Good luck with the pack out.

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