This Week: From Where I Stand

March 9, 2012

Monday: New hula hoops in the front yard with my favorite girl

 Tuesday: Dirty dishes. Every darn day.

Tuesday: Beyblade boys. They gather every afternoon after homework.

Wednesday: Walking out of yoga class, I stepped on this prophetic message: "Clean Out". We got our official orders this week...lots of cleaning out to be done before another big move: Italy to DC in July.

Thursday: The ditches are quickly filling up with wildflowers. I always keep a shovel and a pair of clippers handy for pretty patches of color.

Thursday: James Taylor concert. I always wanted to see him live, just never thought it would happen in Catania, Sicily. It was great fun.

Friday: I try. I really do try to get my feet on this yoga mat every morning

Friday: One girl home from school with a cough. One mama with her camera.  A rainy day and several rounds of a pizza fractions game. Sometimes it is nice to spend the afternoon in bed.

Ever since the start of the new year, I have been taking part in Clicky.  Fifty two weeks of photography with a different challenge/focus each week (please feel free to join in the Clicky fun, too). This week's theme of "From Where I Stand" was inspired by this and this and this. It's been an interesting way to document the week. What's the view like from where you are standing these days? 
Emily said...

I love this idea! And I didn't know you guys were heading to DC. Are you excited? Oh, how I miss the wildflowers in Sicily. Enjoy the season!

I hope Camille's feeling better already!

likeschocolate said...

Looks like we will be just passing each other. I arrive in Sicily on the 14th of July.

Tara said...

Great shots for your photo challenge!

I'm digging that fractions game as well. I guess congratulations are in order on your move? I would find it difficult to tear myself away from the beauty of Italy.

Best of luck with the "clean out" :)

Surf and Sangria said...

I love catching up with your family through your posts and photos! Come visit us in Hawaii!

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