Getting the Shot

March 30, 2012

My mom and I had our own little escape last week to Cefalu. Cameras in hand we wandered the streets. Turning here and there without any plan or set destination. Doorways, vespas, old men, drying laundry, stone walls, cobbled streets...twisting, turning, bending as we tried to capture bit and pieces of it all. 

I am glad I got this shot of my mom. I have seen her do this same awkward stance many times over the years as she works to get the shot; almost on the verge of tipping over and yet she never does. I wish I had a picture of the stance my dad would take as he would urge us all into position for large family photos. His long legs would spread wide transforming his body into a human tripod. Getting the shot isn't just about pushing the button. Sometimes it's a full body experience. I yearn for those moments when it all clicks.

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