March View

March 14, 2012

The sun has returned and everything is even greener. My mom arrives tomorrow. Camille has been building traps for Leprechauns. I have been spending way too much time suddenly worrying about our move. Adam is trying his best to keep me calm and remind me that things always work out. Noah has been making us all laugh a lot. He always does, but lately he's even funnier.

joyce matula welch said...

Lovely photo!

The Jiu Jiu said...

That's a really nice photo... quiet, peaceful, full of potential for stories.

Speaking as a former Foreign Service "brat" I can tell you that it's waaay to early to start worrying about the move. You've got time to prepare (emotionally as well as physically); just parcel out the tasks day by day and all of a sudden you'll be sitting around the dinner table in your new digs thinking of it as home.

Hang in there! :-)

katy said...

moving?? I've been out of touch, do you know where?

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