Leaks and Leeks

March 11, 2012

The weather has been especially crazy recently. Flash flooding, interspersed with brilliant sunshine, then heaps of hail, followed by balmy-mild mannered days and for the past two nights we were bombarded by fierce winds. This March has been living up to the Italians' description: "Marzo Pazzerello"!

For the first time since living here, we have had leaks. Water pouring in windows, under doors, and drip, drip, dripping by our bed. Towels piled up each night in case a sudden storm blows inland and flashlights freshly filled with batteries. All of this crazy weather leaves me feeling a bit unsettled, which pushes me to seek out the comforts of furry slippers and soup. Soup reigns supreme in the comfort department, doesn't it?

But leeks are not something I would immediately associate with comfort. In fact, I have a hazy childhood memory of eating leeks for the first time. My parents' friend was dating a French woman who had gotten her hands on a crate of leeks and had eagerly invited us all over for a French meal of leeks. I remember the house being dark except for a few candles here and there and everyone oohing and ahhing over the strange green vegetables. Sounds a bit kooky and I could totally have the details wrong, but I do remember that I was not a fan of the leeks. They were gritty and too onion-y to me.

And I don't really think I ever had leeks again until recently when I felt the need to give them another try. It started with a favorite soup recipe. The original recipe always called for leeks but I never added them. And then one day I did and I suddenly loved them. Which led to the discovery of this easy leek and potato soup recipe. Truly a wonderful and comforting soup that I will make again and again. And if nothing else, aren't leeks some of the prettiest vegetables? That pop of green fits right in with this time of year when Spring is so tantalizingly close and yet still not fully here.

Lost in Sicily said...

Hi Lucia - your blog looks so beautiful, your photos are gorgeous and inspiring! Makes me want to run out and buy some leeks (have you tried them in risotto? very good when mixed with squash)

likeschocolate said...

So glad you were willing to try them again. I adore leeks; especially in soup. Sorry for the crazy weather. I think it is going around because we have had tornado here in our corner. Thankfully they passed right over us, but on the other side of town didn't fair as well.

Sue said...

How did you live in Japan without eating leeks?! They are pretty much a staple here. Your soup sounds delicious!

Juniper said...

I had not really eaten leeks until living in England and then leek and potato soup became one of the winter staples. The Moro cookbook has a really nice, Turkish Leek yogurt and mint soup, whee you kind of caramalize the leeks. I agree they are a pretty. So too the artichokes which are coming into season. Crazy weather here too- am really ready for sunny days of spring!

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