May 12, 2011

An erupting volcano, a pending surgery, selling a house, packing for a trip back to the States. Mt. Etna is erupting again. It was beautiful last night when we got out of bed at 1am to see it. It really was amazing. But I don't feel quite so charmed by it tonight. The airport has been shut down and we don't know if we'll be able to fly out tomorrow as planned. Needless to say tensions are high and it feels like more than just a volcano is in the midst of erupting.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, say a prayer to Saint Lucia (Noah is having eye surgery), send us some good traveling vibes, and if you want to buy a great house in Florida, call us right away.
Stacy said...

Sending good vibes from the beaches of Florida.

Been there done that on the eye surgery...and doing it again in a few months. Strabismus.

Safe traveling!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've missed something. So, the renters are out in FL and you want to sell? Didn't Noah have eye surgery a while back. Is this a continuation of that? Or something new? You're having the surgery in Germany?

Sounds like a busy time but I hope all goes well with Noah and there is no need for surgery.


Corinne said...

Dear friend, prayers are coming your way :)

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