May 14, 2011

We flew on Friday the 13th and in retrospect maybe we should have picked a different traveling day. We barely made it on two of our flights. They lost our car seat and I think I may have food poisoning from eating some sushi in the Munich airport. BUT, we made it and we woke up to waves crashing, surfers on the horizon, and pelicans cruising for breakfast. Noah announced his plan for the day: pool, beach, pool, beach, pool and I have to agree it sounds like a good way to recuperate from jet lag. We decided to squeeze in a couple of beach days before all of the medical stuff starts because if Noah has surgery he won't be going anywhere near water or sand for awhile. So beach, pool, beach, pool, beach, pool. That's where we'll be. Feels so good to be back in the States.

P.S. Something wonky is happening with blogger...several of my posts and all recent comments somehow disappeared. I attempted to re-post them but I don't really have time to fully investigate the situation...gotta get my swimsuit on!
likeschocolate said...

Yes, blogger was down for about 2 days periodically. It is up and running now though and hopefully there will be no more problems. I hope your son is ok. If he ends up having surgery, I will say a prayer for him. Enjoy your time at the beach. R you in Florida?

Dana said...

good to hear that you make it.
best wishes for a successful experience for noah.

Laurie said...

Beach...pool...beach...pool...sounds like a great way to go! :) It was WONDERFUL to see you last night! :)

Juniper said...

Am glad to hear you made it, and that some pool time awaits you all. I have been away form the computer for weeks and see now that lots has been happening with you and yours!! I hope the surgery goes well and that you have a smooth and happy visit.

Corinne said...

oh and LOOK. You made it. That's what I get for getting behind on my reader ;)

I'll be thinking of Noah - GOOD LUCK!!!

The Solley Six said...

happy times! Enjoy it.

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