Sicilian Spring

May 3, 2011

Shovel. Bucket. Scissors. Gloves. Jug of Water. I almost always have these important items in the back of my van, especially this time of year in Sicily when the ditches are full of color. Glorious, billowy wildflowers just begging to be picked. Our dining room table, kitchen counter, hall table, bathroom ledge and even the jug near the front door are constantly being filled with different blooms thanks to our bountiful Sicilian ditches. 
I am sorry my blog posts haven't been as bountiful lately. Life suddenly got very busy around here. First there was Passover which started off with a lovely, quiet Seder with another Jewish family here on base. Then there was Easter which involved a fabulous Pirate/Egg Hunt birthday party for a little friend of ours. Then there was a Sicilian Easter experience which was quite memorable and I'll try to post about that soon. But the biggest event of the past couple weeks was something that has been in the works for about a year. 
Last Spring, I got a little thought in my head. It was an idea that just wouldn't go away. It nagged at me, until it finally took root and I started sharing it with others: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get an American children's author to make a visit to our small school here in Sicily?". That tiny seed of a thought eventually (with lots of work:fund raising, grant writing, and organizing) grew into an amazing reality last week.  I promise to write more about that soon, too. 
So much to catch up on and so much looming on the horizon. Spring always catches me off guard with the moody weather, the raucous displays of color, and a calendar that suddenly erupts with obligations big and small. Hoping you also have fields, ditches,or gardens full of Spring right's the best way to calm the frenzy that can sometimes come with this season.
likeschocolate said...

How exciting in regards to the book author! Can't wait to hear more about that.

Nancy said...

what gorgeous photos of your spring garden.

you must be beyond excited about the author thing coming together.

looking forward to posts about your holidays and other new developments~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as always. Went to a home and Garden tour last week where they had a gentleman speaking and doing floral arrangements. He commented that the best $3 he ever spent was at a garage sale where he bought an orange highway workers vest. He keeps it in his car and whenever he sees beautiful flowers along the roadside he whips out his vest and cuts to his hearts delight. I think we will need to find one for you once you get back to the States!! Love, Mom

Mom said...


sara p said...

i've been meaning to take my bike and my camera out on my little connector road from back motta and go wild...when i run past all the wildflowers, i start reciting what i see...cardoon, more cardoon, borage, something that looks like a sweat pea but not quite, crimson clover...thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

I love the Sicilian spring! It's so alive and riotous with flowers, and your pictures make me miss them.

I'm curious about the author's visit, too -- can't wait to read more!

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