Week of Colors: Green

March 10, 2011

Green succulents and a green box. I pulled the box off of our bookshelf with the thought of photographing it with something else, but then I opened it and discovered the birds. The birds are magnets made with scrap wood by a folk artist in Jacksonville, Florida. He sold them each year at the annual garden club sale and I loved adding to my little collection. It was such a nice surprise to find that we had them here with us in Sicily. Since I hadn't come across them when unpacking, I assumed we had left them in storage. I like surprises like that.
likeschocolate said...

I love surprises!

Leslie said...

That was a Wonderful surprise! The magnets are terrific!

Francesca said...

It must be nice to find a surprise from back home. I hope the wood birds find a new home on your fridge in Sicily!

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