Grateful Retreat

May 22, 2010

Sorry to be gone for most of this past week. Thank you for all of the kind comments and e-mail messages. In addition to my sadness, the break from the computer was also induced by the need for a new modem. Funny how modern technology and old fashioned human needs sometimes work in cahoots. In many ways it was a good week for retreating. Spending as much time as possible outside. Pulling weeds, planting zinnia seeds, an evening walk at the Oasis, and visiting a new-to-us park. And when inside, I spent most of the week reading, taking cat naps,visiting with friends and starting each morning on the yoga mat.

This photo was taken of Camille over a year ago. That's her with her yoga mat. It was taken around the time she was starting to do yoga at preschool. Since our move to Sicily, Camille has been unrolling her mat next to mine. We have sporadically been trying to start our mornings together with some yoga. In the past couple of weeks, we have been more regular about it. About halfway through, she'll usually meander off while I continue and then she will return for the final resting pose. I have to admit that initially, I wasn't crazy about even attempting to do this with her. I wanted to have that time just to myself. I needed to get in that zone without having little hands on my skin or her voice in my ear. But it has actually turned out to be one of my favorite times with her. I have discovered that I can still get to that place within myself even with a little humming next to me. I can do downward dog even with a little girl crawling under me. I can push myself a little harder when I see her natural flexibility flowing through her limbs. And I can giggle way more than I ever did in any formal classes. It isn't always the intensity or the length of time that I crave, but we have a shared rhythm and it feels good. I was especially grateful for that during this past week.
likeschocolate said...

Bravo! I am glad you were able to find some peace this week. Yeah!

Jocelyn said...

It seems kismet that technology failed just as you needed it to. While I'm very, very sorry for your sadness, it does seem like the universe is reminding you of the cirlce of things, as you mourn one passing and savor one vigorous life next to you in downward dog.

Our kids took a Yoga Play class for several years and loved it. Now they sometimes use these "kid" yoga cards we have, for various poses. But I still love feeling one of them jump on my back when I'm on a mat, lowering my body to the floor.

Completely unrelatedly, I recall a few months ago you mentioned a book of mythology your son was enjoying. Could I bother you to remind me what that was? My seven-year-old has spent this last week engrossed in a Greek Mythology graphic novel from the library and wants more!

Cami said...

Isn't it great how kids can sometimes lift your spirits when you least expect it? Perhaps I should get Jane her own mat. Mostly, she just crawls under, around, and on me while I do my yoga.

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