What's in the garden?

June 6, 2007

This popped into bloom today. It grew up out of the ivy area we fondly call "snake heaven". I don't know what it is but it is a wonderful suprise. Anyone know the name of this? And with all of the recent rain other things are starting to bloom like this "Irish Eyes" Black-eyed Susan. Note the green center instead of the typical black-eye. I really need to clear out a patch to plant zinnias. It just doesn't feel like summer to me without zinnias in bloom. And I can't wait until we get some tomatoes. Is there anything better than home-grown tomatoes? This afternoon our four o'clocks opened for the first time...heavenly smell bringing me back to hot Louisiana afternoons . Can't wait to show the kids how to make necklaces and crowns with the four o'clocks (which really do open every afternoon like clockwork).
The blanket flowers we got from a free plant fair are still going strong.And the larkspur from Aunt Janet is still blooming (she gave me some baby plants in December that really adjusted well despite the long car trip and being smashed in a box with diapers and toys)
Sherry said...

All your flowers are so beautiful! I love my flower gardens to & I can say I have no idea what the 1st flower is?? It looks like an Angelica Archangelica but in flower form?? Very pretty! Its not something I see in Maryland...

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