From the mouth of a four year old

June 9, 2007

Noah has had a bad cough this week which we think is caused by allergies. This morning I had this little conversation with him:

Me: "I wonder if the house is making you sick" (thinking dust or mold?)
Noah: "Yes, I am homesick"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Noah: "Remember the other day when you were car sick? Well, now I am homesick"

Language is a funny thing. Four year old minds are sharp. And this poor mama can barely keep up. How come I never made that connection between those two words before?

A few other words that Noah uses which I love (and haven't corrected yet)

"Dribbling" instead of drizzling
"Joggling" instead of jogging
"Tie-laces" instead of shoe laces

Four years old also speak very candidly. Last month Noah told a friend of ours "my daddy has a very furry penis".
plumm said...


So, I have a few to add.
From my almost 3 yr old, Luke:

1. Lousy= loud + Noisy
2. Crocagator= alligator + crocodile
3. Dinosaurus= You get the idea
4. Dommy = Daddy+ Mommy (sounds remarkably like dummy)

Jessica said...

I think I just hurt something laughing so hard! Things I don't really want to think about Adam... :)

Ann said...

Omgosh that is so funny. I don't what I would have said

Sherry said...

LOL! I cant wait til I get to that stage of parenting. Ha ha...

lisa said...

LOVED this post-- too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a hoot he is! What Noah can't think of just isn't worth thinking.

Judson watches a lot of weather and they do many allergy commercials. His big thing is now, BacTORia (as opposed to bacteria). He's very concerned our toilet bowl has 3 million Bactorias.


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