June 10, 2007

We met up with our local adoption group today to enjoy some baseball. We were all very hot, very sweaty, and had lots of fun. Adam was proud of me because I did not embarrass him like I did when we attended a Seattle Mariner's game seven years ago. Not being a huge sports fan, I brought a book and much to Adam's horror I pulled it out halfway through the game. Today I did not pull out any books!

At the end of the game the kids were allowed to run the bases. Noah did it twice (including an "illegal" run onto the pitchers mound. He loved it and announced we should turn our back yard into a ball field so he could race around the bases everyday. Might not such a bad idea since he does have a lot of energy to burn off each day!
Ann said...

I love going to the Suns games. It's sooooo much fun. Glad you had fun at the ballpark

shelley said...

Looks like fun...I love baseball.


Sherry said...

OMG...bring a book to the baseball game...I've done that to! LOL! Im glad your hubby brought you to another game. Mine hasnt:)

The Solley Six said...

Noah looks so TALL!!!! which makes me mad because it seems we haven't seen you in a while. at least you were *at* the game reading a, i just stay home reading a book, sometimes i read in the hammock...there is no going out to a baseball game or anything as effortfull as that going on with the solleys these days. i did go to the library yesterday...that's something

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