What a week

March 31, 2007

Noah did great with his surgery but his recovery was a little more difficult than we had hoped. Turns out he brought home a nasty stomach bug from the hospital...five days of high fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea. Poor little guy. I also got to experience some his lovely illness which means our washing machine was running constantly. But we also realized this week that our washing machine is having some problems....staining all of our clothes with oily and rusty residue! And our yard is still a muddy mess because the guys have not come back to finish the little details. Also turns out they crossed into our neighbor's yard and cut into their irrigation pipes in several spots. The only redeeming factor for this past week was the beautiful spring weather. Towards the end of the week the kids and I were finally able to escape for some neighborhood walks...a very good cure for cabin fever. On one of our walks we stopped in to see what was growing in the community garden and Noah was able to put help with the tomato plantings. And on the way home we collected these wildflowers from the ditch. Happy Spring to all of you!
Ann said...

Poor Noah. You know those darn hospitals...you bring something home all the time. I hope he's feeling better

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