Hilton Head Island

March 23, 2007

We spent last week on Hilton Head Island and had a GREAT time! Adam got a kick out of walking down the beach in his uniform to attend the conference and the kids and I enjoyed spending our days on the beach. We also had a good time meeting up with Navy friends we knew from our time in the Northwest. Hilton Head was such a nice suprise to us...beautiful beaches, bike paths everywhere, tons of trees and very strict zoning so no neon signs and lots of preserved parts of the island. We are already looking forward to the next time we can escape to this special place.

The Solley Five said...

looks like a wonderful time. you are the BEST family at dealing with some hard stuff and making the most of it..or, just letting it work out while you go on enjoying your life and hitting the beach! Noah doesn't look much like a surgery patient or a recovering surgery patient in any of these pictures! makes me think of beach time at myrtle beach...ah...a world away from the harry potter frenzy we're in here!!!

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