Roller Coaster Day

April 27, 2007

I should have read my horoscope yesterday. I started the morning off by smashing my finger in a door which really slowed down our morning routine...not easy to change diapers, pack a lunch, or put in contacts with a swollen bloody finger. But we did eventually make it out of the house. While Noah was at school, Camille and I attended a toddler class...singing, circle time, snack time, and play time.

Camille and I then joined Adam for lunch (we actually ended up eating in the car because Camille fell asleep). Funny how decadent it felt to sit in our mini-van having time to actually talk. This is the first time we have had lunch together during the week in a long time. Camille and I then headed back over the river to pick up Noah at school. After getting the car washed, we shared a snowcone. Camille decided to sit down on the ground and use her spoon to dig in the dirt. Before I knew it she was dumping a large quantity of sand, rocks, and leaves down the back of my pants. I ended up driving home with all of that stuff settled in my underwear...if this hasn't happened to you before believe me sitting in traffic with sand and leaves in your underwear is really not comfortable! Noah was very impressed by his little sister's monkey trick.

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing in our backyard which continues to be a muddy mess. Don't ask. I went inside to get towels and ended up falling in our living room so severely that I heard something crack in my foot and quickly realized I was in a lot of pain. I also realized that I was stuck inside while the kids were outside. I started calling for help and dragging myself to the door. This was turning into one of those dreaded parental situations where you are injured and alone with the kids. Noah eventually heard me yelling and came running into the house. My little mud covered hero quickly swung into action. He found my cell phone which was ofcourse not charged. He then went to the freezer and started piling frozen food on my swollen foot. He was also able to miraculously find the portable phone which always seems to be missing. During all of this Camille was very upset. Crying, crawling all over me, and saying "owie" over and over again. But this behavior quickly ended when she noticed the growing pile of frozen food on my foot. Since it was close to dinner time and since she seems to be hungry all of the time, she began trying desperately to open the bag of frozen peas and gnaw through the bag of frozen bread. Luckily Noah once again stepped into save the day by pulling out a bag of cookies to share with Camille. By the time Adam arrived home, it was quite a scene in our living room. Me under a mound of frozen food splayed on the floor surrounded by two kids hyped up on sugar and throwing Candyland game cards all over the place. Adam assessed the damage (seems to be a sprain and not a break), fed and put the kids to bed, and served me chocolate cake while we watched Grey's Anatomy. What a day!
Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Yikes! Is your foot feeling better now? Glad you survived the ordeal!

Jessica said...

I hate to laugh at anyone's misfortune, but you wrote that up SOOO funny! I had to read it out loud to Erik. :)

Ann said...

I'm sorry, but this sooo funny I had to read it twice. I'm glad your ankle isn't broken, so that makes it okay to snicker, right? But good for Noah, he's such a sweet child. Hope the swelling subsides soon.

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Feel free to laugh...I finally am! Still hobbling around a little bit but doing much better and happy to report no other clumsy accidents since that awful Thursday!

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