Happy Passover!

April 4, 2007

Here are the kids dressed up for Seder. We celebrated the first night of Passover by attending the congregational Seder. It brought back memories of prior Seders in New Orleans, Bremerton, San Francisco, Lafayette, and Okinawa. Our new congregation is a very large one and we still don't know that many people but we enjoyed sitting at the table with the Assistant Rabbi and her family. Her son and Noah attend pre-school together so they always enjoy spending time together at synagogue functions but it also means we spend a lot of time wrangling them. We made it through most of the Seder and meal, but ended up having to leave when both kids were in meltdown mode. We took them out a back door to calm down and ended up getting locked out...figured that was a message from God telling us to bring them home and put them to bed!
Nana and Poobah said...

Maybe instead of saying "next year in Isreal" we should wish for "next year in California"!! We wish you could have been here.
Noah and Camille look adorable all dressed up!

Sherry said...

Beautiful picture! Your children dont look like they have any melt downs...they look so angelic in this picture. :)

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