April Showers

April 3, 2007

Well when it rains, it pours around here. Our weather has been fabulous but our luck as homeowners continues to be poor. This past weekend the following appliances have suddenly stopped working: our washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dvd player, and computer! I am starting to wonder if we are the victims of some terrible April Fool's trick or if we have angered the gods of appliances or perhaps we are in some weird vortex. And ofcourse, none of these items are cheap to repair or replace. So hopefully the old saying is true April showers bring May flowers and perhaps we will win the lottery or at least get some good deals on new appliances!
Ann said...

I know it's not funny, but even Jon made a comment about your bad luck with contractors when I told him about the lawn. I sure hope that you get some good homeowner luck soon. On the bright side you get all new stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucia, I am so sorry about all your troubles! That definitely is not fun!

I have a feeling that you live very close to my daughter in Jacksonville... if the community center that you walked to is on San Jose. I sure would love to meet you! I will be down in June, after my school in TN is out.

On a lighter note ... Do you know what May flowers bring? Pilgrims, of course. That is a dumb second grade joke. :-0

Mary McG
in TN

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