Double Trouble, Double Fun

April 15, 2007

Double diapers, double car seats,double toddler tumbles, double the laughter...a week of fun with Camille and Clementine (my sister's daughter). The girls are only one month apart. It is great to see them together, but also exhausting. How do parents of multiples do it?!
The Hauns said...

Lucia--you said it--double the laughs/falls/fun...but also EXHAUSTING!!

allison in nc
mommy to chloe & emmi - two, 2-yr-olds!

Mom said...

Your family must have loved having you all at home. I loved the "little ladies" all decked out in their finery...especially the hats! The picture of them in their matching outfits reminded me of the photos of you and your cousins in all in matching dresses.
Safe travels home, Love Nana and Poohbah

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