We're in Taiwan!

February 14, 2006

We arrived yesterday and had a pretty exhausting afternoon....on the way to the airport I realized I had left my wallet at home and we had to go back for it, lost Noah's backpack full of toys, got lost trying to get to our hotel, and it was raining!

We were very happy to finally get checked into our hotel. Our room is very large which is great because the monkey boy has plenty of space to play and spread out. We were also very glad to meet up with our Taiwanese friend, Hsiaowen and her adorable son, Kaden (2 yrs old). We ate dinner with them and shopped for new toys for Noah ($4 matchbox cars...yikes!). We had planned on trying to see the new year's lantern festival but didn't because of the rain.

We woke up this morning to a sunny day. We will be leaving to pick up Camille in about an hour...so excited!!! We are also hoping to meet her birth family this morning. Please say a prayer that all goes smoothly. We will try to post later today/tonight...by then Noah will officially be a big brother and we will have grown from a family of three to four!

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