On our way

February 13, 2006

We are scheduled to leave for the airport in an hour. Hard to believe that when we return to our little house in Okinawa, we will have a beautiful daughter. We are running on nervous, happy energy as we try to get all of the last minute items crammed into our suitcase. We were up late last night reading the instructions on the bottles and trying to read up on what a 3 month old is doing developmentally. Our friends and neighbors have been so helpful and generous as we spent all weekend preparing for Camille's arrival. Camille's closet now has adorable pink outfits, soft blankets, diapers, tiny socks, baby swing, car seat, baby bath stuff...amazing how many things a little person can accumulate before she has even arrived! This week we have also started receiving fabric for her 100 wishes quilt. I love thinking about how wonderful it will be to wrap her in that quilt and tell her about all of the people who love her all around the world. We will try to post again once we arrive in Taiwan. We are scheduled to pick Camille up at 9:30am on Wednesday (Taiwanese time) (Tuesday afternoon in the States).
victor said...

please have a safe trip.

my part of the baby quilt is on the way. (sorry, but i didn't have time to wash it.)

Emee said...

we're so happy for yall
we can't wait to see her
i am sure sydney has taught noah everything he needs to know about being a big brother
i hope that noah, clementine, camille, paul william, and all the others
form their own little group of cousins
i can't wait to hear about all of their adventures
good luck with the trip home
love emee

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