Happy To Be Home

February 18, 2006

We returned to Okinawa yesterday and are happy to report that all is going well. When we arrived at the Okinawa airport, Miss Okinawa happened to be there and she took a family photo with us. And when we arrived home, we were very suprised to discover that our house had been decorated with wonderul banners, balloons, baby gifts, and two meals in the refrigerator...we have the world's best neighbors and friends!!!!

Camille has stayed on the schedule she had at the "baby house"....eating every four hours like clockwork and even sleeping through the night. Noah is a very proud big brother and is becoming a good helper. He has had some very sweet moments with her...comforting her, singing to her, and showing her his train collection. He is puzzled that she doesn't have teeth and that she can't catch a ball, but he does think she is "cute".

Adam and I have been trying to learn all about bottle feeding and cloth diapering. Luckily Camille has been very patient with us and things are getting a little easier each day. I wonder what Camille would have to say about all of the new experiences she has had in the past few days...new family, first trip out of the baby nursery, first airplane trip, new home, lots of new faces, sounds, smells. She had never really been outside before a few days ago, never been strapped into a carseat, never had a full water bath (the babies are all sponged off each day), never been held so much, never had a big brother singing in her face before!

It feels be great to back home and we hope you all get to meet Camille soon.
Anonymous said...

Lucia, I'm so happy for you! May Camille bring her family as much joy as our Sarah did ours! Love you,

Ginny F. @ MBC

Karen said...

We are soooo very happy for you all! I wish I could be there to meet her in person and to deliver a home cooked meal! After all, I think we owe you one!

Roomie said...

Hey guys, I'm so glad things are going well having your little girl home. And you got to skip right to the sleeping-through-the-night part!!! Lucky you! Amy and I are looking forward to that.

Love, Eric Amy Abby and Carter

Anonymous said...

Adam, Lucia & Noah,

We're so happy that everything has gone smoothly with picking up Camille! We are so excited for all of you and can't wait to see her after we're done being sick! So maybe a wave from across the street for now!

Congrats again!

Love The Blivins

Anonymous said...

Lucia & Family,
You are truly blessed and how wonderful for Camille to have found you! Can't wait to meet her and let her know how much she is loved.
Congrats to all
Kelly V

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new addition. Miss Camille is cute as pumpkin pie. I can't wait to meet her.
-Stephanie Grady

Serena said...

Camille is just beautiful!! She is so lucky to have such warm, loving parents to call her own and a big brother to protect and love her so tenderly. I am teary eyed just reading all of your posts...your story has truly touched me. I cannot wait to capture it all for you...hopefully soon. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

Serena Nicole

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