Noah's 3rd Birthday!

February 10, 2006

Noah turned three yesterday. He really wanted to be five, but he finally agreed that three was also a good age! We celebrated at home with some of his buddies and a special guest,Bongo the Clown. Bongo impressed everyone with her charm and her quick artistic skills...she made wonderful sketches of each child! We all had fun making musical instruments, dancing, and eating lots of cake. And the celebrating continued today. Noah's classmates had a small birthday party for him.

Noah has grown and changed so much in these past three years, but we still have a very vivid memory of his first birthday and his much celebrated arrival in this world. I will never forget the look of pure joy on Adam's face as he held Noah for the first time and sang to him. I guess that was the first hint that Noah would inherit his daddy's love of music. He is a lively, loving, little guy and we feel very lucky to be his parents.

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