Exploring: The C&O Canal

September 11, 2013

A few weekends ago we finally made it to the C & O canal. We started at the Great Falls National Park visitor center where we happily discovered their free loaner bike program...bikes and helmets for all ages for two hours. What a great discovery! The boys headed down the towpath, while Camille and I chose to walk it. On our walk we came across fourteen Plestiodon skinks (their tails are only blue when they are young), spiders spinning webs, beetles, fish in the canal, and way too many swallowtail butterflies to count. 

It was quite a pleasant little outing and we are already fantasizing about doing a serious C & O canal trip complete with a stay or two at the historic lock houses along the way.  We met a few folks who were doing that sort of trip. A family on bikes with a bike trailer filled with food, sleeping bags, clothes, etc. on their way back to D.C. after a weekend of biking and camping. And a group of women doing an annual stay at their favorite lock house. Doesn't that sound like fun?
likeschocolate said...

Thanks for sharing this cool adventure!

Karen said...

Hey Lucia! We stayed at Lock House #6 this summer near you in Bethesda. It was really great. Just me and the kids and my nephew. It would be perfect in the fall! I didn't know about the bikes though. That is great info. Have you done the Billy Goat Trail? It is one of my favorites but I have yet to take the kids.. there is one steep area I'm not certain Lizzie can do. But maybe this year.

okijeepgirl said...

We used to love going on hikes around there! A fun and challenging hike along there is called the Billy Goat trail, with huge boulders flanking the Potomac. Beautiful views!

Dawn Suzette said...

What a neat place!
Those lizards are amazing.
Always nice to see access to cool nature so close to the city!

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