A Sweet Start

September 9, 2013

 Gala and Jonagold apples fresh from Butlers Orchard.

This past weekend, we picked apples, worked our way through a huge pile of newspapers that had been accumulating by the front door, met up with new friends, met up with my sister (did I ever mention here that she recently moved to the area? it's been great to have her so close) ate Vietnamese, Chinese, and Lebanese (but not all at once!). It was the perfect way to celebrate the start of the Jewish new year. Shanah Tovah!

If you have good apple recipes, please share them! 
affectioknit said...

Those are my favorite apples!

~Have a lovely day!

likeschocolate said...

How lucky you are to have your sister so close.

The Jiu Jiu said...

Oh, it's been years since I was at Butler's Orchard to pick apples -- be sure to see if you can get in on one of their Halloween hayides!

Corinne said...

My mom lives 10 minutes away from Butlers!!

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