An Afternoon of Puppets

September 20, 2013

Cardstock, markers, tape, wooden spoons, straws, and two girls with very vivid imaginations.

The afternoon started with pulling out our puppet theater and our box of puppets...a variety of storebought/homemade fabric puppets that have been accumulated over the years, But the creative frenzy was initiated by the idea to make paper purses for the puppets and that quickly morphed into creating their own puppets. They spent all afternoon drawing, cutting, chatting, and customizing a whole cast of characters (a dog, a mouse, a monster), scenery (pizza restaurant), and props (pizza slices and ice cream cones).  Seriously, all afternoon, diligently working,planning the show, and rehearsing. Now our Friday night plans include a puppet show after dinner.

Hope your weekend has similar moments of spontaneous creativity. Happy Friday!
likeschocolate said...

Awesome! Perfect way to spend the day!

Unknown said...

Oh I love this! SO fabulous. xo

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