Stone Angels and Chipmunks

May 18, 2013

Hilly, historic, and populated with angels, famous folks, and chipmunks. Lots of chipmunks. I was glad they were there. Darting out of ferns, dashing between stone markers, and daring me to approach. Like tiny little jesters, they added a bit of humor and life to the greyness of walking alone in a quiet cemetary on an overcast day.

Oak Hill Cemetary
Washington , DC
Rebecca Alexis said...

beautiful. I can almost feel the gray overcast skies and hear the chipmunks here and there scurrying away at the sound of footsteps. The statues are beautiful. xo

joyce matula welch said...

The littlest angel was especially poignant. Thanks for sharing.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Joyce, he was the one I spent the most time with...marking a young child's gravesite, so full of emotion and so child-like, himself. I have hundreds of shots and still feel the need to return and take more.

Anonymous said...

Lucia, My dad is buried there. The cemetary is always beautiful but was especially spectacular in late April. Tara in Fl

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