In Praise of Spelling

May 7, 2013

Now that we live in the age of spell check,  it's easy to fall prey to the tantalizing ease of merely typing and clicking on the red highlight to select the correct word.  And I will confess that there have been times when I found myself wondering why we all torture ourselves with the weekly spelling drills. But, a recent incident has clearly shown me the importance of continuing to teach spelling.

A few weeks ago when I was attempting to make it home for my grandfather's funeral, I sent a text to a cousin. Here's the transcript:

Hi Sharon, It's Lucia. I am wondering if you are heading to St. Martinville tomorrow morning. If so, could I get a ride with you? I am trying to fly into NOLA (New Orleans) tonight.

Wrong # hoe

Thanks for letting me know. Sorry to bother you. I was trying to get to a funeral.

Ya Ya hoe

Thanks to the wonders of autocorrect and/or lack of spelling profiency, the rude texter (clearly and happily NOT my cousin, Sharon) thought that they would be offensive? funny? mean? by calling me a garden tool. 

I wish I had been quick (and brave) enough to have responded with:  Shovel it up yours.

likeschocolate said...

I am so bad at pushing send without checking my spelling, and then when I go back I am like oops! Auto-correct drives me crazy!

Dawn Suzette said...

Wow! Of all the wrong numbers!
You did make me laugh though. I always think of great things to say after the fact.

Dana said...

Forget the spelling. How about some kindness and courtesy?

Please accept my condolences for your grandfather. After reading his obituary, I wish I had meant the marvelous man as I'm sure he would bring goodness to my life.

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