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December 13, 2012

 For the past few Decembers, we have spent the holiday-laden month wrestling with the issues that arise from having the only Jewish kids in a fairly large geographical area (ie Sicily and probably most of Southern Italy). This December we suddenly find ourselves experiencing the month in a very different way: surrounded by other Jews. Our move this past summer was such a dramatic one that our kids now attend a public school system that takes days off for the major Jewish holidays and we belong to a large and vibrant Jewish congregation. 

We are no longer the token Jewish family and it feels nice to be a part of something much larger than our family unit. In fact, when Camille recently and spontaneously announced "I love being Jewish". It made me smile because it was such a contrast to poor Noah at the same age when he struggled with being the only Jewish kid in his school and begged us to celebrate Christmas. I am pretty confident that Camille's announcement stems from the fact that she loves going to Sunday school and Friday night Shabbat services, she loves playing dreidles with friends, eating challah, and spending time with Rabbi Jessica...all things that have come from our recent move. Don't get me wrong, we miss Sicily terribly, but this Hanukkah has me feeling especially grateful to be in our new spot.
Emily Sovich said...

Happy Hanukkah, Lucia. This post made me smile. Love to you all --

likeschocolate said...

Happy Hanukkah! I didn't know there were woman Rabbis. I learn something new each day. So happy for your children. My children would love to be Jewish, but for other reasons-the eight gifts. Happy Holidays!

Dawn Suzette said...

So happy you have found a wonderful community.

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