Flying South

December 20, 2012

"Put a Bird on It" seems to be our theme this year for holiday gifting.  A wise and pretty little bird named Camille remembered that I had fallen in love with a new bird book, Birds of a Feather . It really is fabulous for all ages and it was one of my favorite Hanukkah gifts. It also turned out to be the source for much study and inspiration this week. 

This week didn't go the way I thought it would. We were swamped with a variety of unexpected health issues and the kids ended up spending most of the week at home. My long to-do list of errands quickly got tossed and our week morphed into a surprisingly pleasant blur of reading, crafting, and birding (watching the birds at our feeder and then making some of our own). Our unplanned week at home turned out to be just what we all needed. 

And now we are flying south to join our flock...headed home to Louisiana to be with family and friends for the holidays. I hope you and your own flock find some time for quiet endeavors in the midst of the frenzy that can happen at this time of year.
Dawn Suzette said...

I do love those unplanned moments at home.
Wishing you a wonderful visit with family & friends!!

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