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October 4, 2012

Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

It's an interesting time to be living in America's Capital City: our first Presidential election in the States with kids who are old enough to realize what's happening around them. Noah has been asking lots of good questions. His classmates have some pretty strong opinions about the candidates and he's trying to form his own which has led to some lively conversations around the dinner table. Last night he wanted to stay up for the debate, but bedtime prevailed. However, reading this post this morning has me re-considering that decision and perhaps we'll let him stay up for the next one.
Corinne said...

That article about the election at his school is super interesting! Also, makes me feel like your kids are in school with the children of a lot of influential people ;)

Karen said...

Slightly off topic, but oh how that photo burns me! Not your photo but the 'tag'! "MOE STAMP" has ruined so many beautiful murals, buildings, and private homes!! Our neighborhood was attacked by MOE STAMP graffitti and it just kills me! I hate seeing it all over DC. Seriously, it makes me crazy! ... with that said, lovely link ;)

Dana said...

It was SO nice to see so many of our students looking for it today. It was also a bit frustrating bc the filters block YouTube for students, where most links, even on news sites, take them.
Exciting times! I bet your proximity makes it even more so.

likeschocolate said...

It haa been fun around here too!

Anonymous said...

love your blog. We let Amelia stay up for 45 minutes of the first debate. She too has been asking lots of questions and trying to form her opinions. Like Noah, her classmates have strong opinions on the candidates. The debate spawned many more questions including - why are they talking about China? She was tired the next day, but we figured it was worth it. Next opportunity is in 4 years and before we know it, these 4th graders will be voting age! - MB in FL

boatbaby said...

So... when are we gonna get together lady? :) I have been biting my tongue wanting you to have a chance to get settled. Just sayin'!

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