City Schooling

October 26, 2012

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

I am a geek. There's no denying it. I love school. I love learning. I love being around others who like to learn and teach.

The idea of homeschooling has always been a tempting one, not just for my kids' sakes, but for my own selfish desires. Perhaps I should be embarrassed to admit that, but I am not. I have seriously considered taking my children out of school just so we could do field trips every day (sleeping later would be nice, too). And now that we are living on the edge of a city filled with museums and historical sites, it is an even more enticing prospect. We haven't made that plunge yet, but it hovers in my mind, especially on crisp autumn days.

The percolating idea of homeschooling pushed me to the realization that what I really want is an adult version of homeschooling. Actually what I really want is "city schooling". I want to attend lectures, gallery talks, author talks, etc. I want to take advantage of this city and all of the cultural offerings. I want to fill my brain with more than just grocery lists and library fines.  So I have started to do exactly that. I have started city schooling. 

Last week I heard Lois Lowery speak about her new book (both she and the book are amazing) and saw Jon Scieszka in action with a group of middle school students (what a funny, energetic guy). This week I wandered through the National Gallery's sculpture garden, attended a gallery talk about the current Serial Portrait exhibit, and quickly ran through the Renwick's fabulous 40 under 40 show. My field trip list is long and growing. My mind is eager and ready. So far City Schooling is a very good thing.
likeschocolate said...

How lucky to have the benefit of living in an amazing city. How exciting.

Karla said...

Can I join you?! :)

Enjoy all that is D.C.

The Andres said...

That si awesome, Lucia! I took the girls to Vendicari today and we thought of the family Saperstein! We also stumbled upon some sort of photo shoot in the tonnara. Nit sure who they were, but there were a lot of photographers and I'm pretty sure we're in some of their shots by accident! Ciao, friend! :)

Martha said...

Lucia, look at the offerings of the community colleges in the area. There are usually some very interesting classes that are not neccesaryily for credit and don't meet for a whole 16 weeks. Looks like Sandy will miss you all. I hope it doesn't mess up Halloween.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I wish all of you could join me for city schooling...actually consider this an open invitation! Come to DC for city schooling with me! :)

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