St. Agata Festa: 2012

February 18, 2012

So before we were sucked into the vomit vortex,there was the spectacular St. Agata Festival. Just as with past years, there was the drama, the devotion, and the fire. 

Packed into a pulsating crowd, necks aching upward, fiery and flamboyant sparks of light piercing the night sky, daring us to believe that the next set of fireworks can't possibly be as breathtaking, but it is. It is all so intensely mesmerizing and magical.

Striking night time silhouettes, cobbled streets gritty with sand and wax, candles dripping, men running, boys sweating, feverish prayers whispered, chanted, and shouted. 

On the first night (Feb.3rd) a group of friends and I were able to share the festival experience with our lovely and lively visiting author. The highlight of that first night really was the impressive fireworks show with the beautiful live music. I then headed back on the final night (Feb.5th) with Noah and our friends who were visiting from Bulgaria. It was fun to see the festival through our kids' eyes (they were much more impressed by the endless candy choices than they were by all of those burning candles!) 

I love all of the Sicilian festivals, but I have to admit that St. Agata is truly my favorite and if you ever have the chance to visit Sicily in early February, you must, must, must make the pilgrimage to Catania for St. Agata.

Viva St. Agata!
likeschocolate said...

Can you even wrap your head around the fact that you will be moving back to the states this year. I am sure it is going to be interesting given you have lived abroad for so long or are you totally over your days abroad?

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